<P>SUMMER 2013 www.paci?ccollege.edu PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Bolingbrook, IL PERMIT NO.932 INSIDE THIS ISSUE.... continued on page 28 7445 Mission Valley Rd., Suite 105 San Diego, CA 92108 www.Paci?cCollege.edu 800-729-0941 The Fulcrum of the TCM Formula: Heat Clearing Therapies By SUBHUTI DHARMANANDA, Ph.D. Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, OR Note: This article, prepared for the 25th Anniversary Paci?c College Symposium 2013, is part of a new series I am writing on methods of making Chinese herbal formulas more effective through thoughtful design and by relying on a key component, the fulcrum, of the complex formula. By presenting these ideas, it is hoped that practitioners will be able to organize their efforts at writing a new prescription, modifying a traditional formula, or selecting from prepared herbal combinations. T he American Oriental medi- cine (OM) scholar Andrew Ellis relayed to me a thought from his teacher about a means to enhance the effect of formulations designed for heat-clearing therapy (1). His insight was that for any com- bination of herbs used to clear heat, there should be included an herb that functions to drain dampness, because the pathological heat would then be drawn out through urinary excretion, with the evil accompany- ing the ?uid. This concept, aside from its potential contribution to hastening recovery of patients who will receive heat-clearing therapy, is a useful teaching tool regarding the way to utilize key elements in herbal formulations and in elucidating basic concepts about OM terminology and dogma. Classic texts and modern depictions of Chinese medicine do not display a standard approach of removing heat through urination. The damp-draining herbs are pre- dominantly used in those instances when there are explicit symptoms 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 10 11 13 17 26 32 35 38 Creative Thinking May Lead to Clinical Treasures Paci?c College of Oriental Medicine-NY Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary Treating the Root and Branch: A detailed look at a patient in the Paci?c College San Diego clinic The Advancement of Acupuncture Paci?c College and Integrative Medicine An Artistic Wave Comes to the Paci?c College San Diego Campus Paci?c College Wins CCAOM Clinic Video Contest! The Healing Potential of Sound Breast Cancer Prevention: The Advice I Give My Patients Primordial Qi Gong: Restoring the Essence 2013 Symposium The Abdominal Brain Simple Techniques For Treating Numbness and Tingling In The Arm and Hand PCOM Launches Bachelors in Holistic Nursing at New York Campus Alumni Award Application O ctober, 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of Paci?c Sympo- sium. Join us in celebrating a quarter century of Oriental medicine history at our silver anniversary conference! Paci?c Symposium has been an annual meeting of minds, uniting Eastern medical professionals from across the world since 1989. This world-class conference brings acupuncturists, massage therapists, professors, and other luminaries in the ?eld together to exchange in- dustry information in a beautiful retreat setting at the Catamaran Re- sort and Spa in San Diego, California. This years Symposium line-up is guaranteed to inspire, with cutting-edge speakers at the forefront of the integrative health community, along with fun-?lled festivities to celebrate this anniversary milestone. Miki Shima, Giovanni Macio- cia, Ted Kaptchuck, Jeffrey Yuen, Lillian Bridges, and Kiiko Matsu- moto are just some of the widely respected experts who will present seminars and lead interactive workshops covering a myriad of timely Oriental medicine topics. From pregnancy acupuncture and facial reading and diagnosis to qi gong and traditional Thai massage, there will be something for everyone. OM Celebrating Our Silver Anniversary! 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